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Crypto Currency

Over ten years ago, Jay was one of the first tax attorneys in the U.S. to write about the possible tax consequences of what was initially an obscure area of the financial world known as Bitcoin. Since then, Jay has become a leading expert on the topic of crypto currencies. Below are some of his articles. 



General (Crypo Currency)
General (Crypo Currency)

Cryptocurrency investors turn to opportunity zones for tax relief and social good

February 19, 2021

Accounting Today

Crypto Currency Gains Less Taxing Thanks to OZ

January 27, 2021

Joseph Darby Law Publication

Boston University Graduate Alumni Panel - Taxation of Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies & ICOs

August 1, 2019

Property, Currency And Semantics Aside- My Bet is on Bitcoin

April 4, 2014

Cognoscenti (WBUR)

Bitcoins - Putting your Money Where Your Mouse Is

May 2, 2013

Joseph Darby Publication

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