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Announcing Joseph Darby Law

Dear Friends and Clients:

Happy New Year. I am pleased to announce that I have accomplished my dream of establishing my own law firm, Joseph Darby Law PC, effective January 1, 2021, located at One Financial Center, Fifteenth Floor, Boston, MA 02111, email:, tel: (617) 286-6553.

I am sharing an office suite with a group of outstanding tax attorneys, all good friends. I am offering the full range of services that I’ve provided to clients for more than 30 years. I have enjoyed representing you and working for you, and I would be honored to continue that relationship.

I encourage you to call me on my cell phone—(617) 719-1534—or email me if you would like to discuss my exciting move or any other issues related to my past or current representation of you.

I have attached my new contact card, which you can save right now for your convenience. I look forward to continuing our business relationship and our friendship for many years to come.

Warmest regards,

Jay Darby

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